Get Conversational Quickly with Pimsleur

Combining the ease & interactivity of language learning apps with the convenience and power of the portable Pimsleur Method™ ... learning languages online has never been easier.

  • Core Lessons

    Core Lessons

    30-minute lessons you can take anywhere, or do at home with Alexa.

  • Reading Lessons

    Reading Lessons

    Learn to read your new language – effortlessly.

  • AI Voice Coach

    AI Voice Coach

    AI Voice recognition provides pronunciation feedback.

  • Digital Flash Cards

    Digital Flash Cards

    Practice vocabulary and dive deeper into the written language.

  • Speak Easy Challenge

    Speak Easy Challenge

    Role-play while reviewing your conversations' written transcripts.

  • Speed Round Game

    Speed Round Game

    Test your conversational knowledge in fun, fast-paced game.

  • Build your Skills

    Build your Skills

    Earn new skill badges with each lesson and practice common phrases.

  • Uninterrupted Learning

    Uninterrupted Learning

    Stream live or download and listen offline with our language app.

  • Lightbulb Moments

    Lightbulb Moments

    Connect culture & history to your language learning.

  • Build Your Streak

    Build Your Streak

    Set Reminders, hit your daily goal and increase your learning streak.

  • Not all features are available for English as Second Language courses.

Speak like a native. Read with confidence. Enjoy.

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My Pimsleur Story - Chavonah


  • Chavonah

    I feel very confident when I am speaking

  • Justin

    My ability to speak German has improved immensely.

  • Amber

    Pimsleur has improved my French speaking ability.

  • JiSook

    It's the only app I actually felt comfortable speaking

  • Greg

    Pimsleur has really helped me have the confidence to speak this language.

  • Tara

    If you are looking to sound as natural as possible

  • Zach

    Learning Spanish has been such a positive change in my life.

  • Rie

    Pimsleur is great for conversation

Rave Reviews for the Pimsleur Method

"I had the GREATEST SUCCESS with the Pimsleur method…The grammar and sentence structure seep into your long-term memory."
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