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Speak with Confidence. Read like a Native.

Through his research, Dr. Pimsleur found that traditional teaching methods like memorizing vocabulary, conjugating verbs, and practicing grammar actually SLOW DOWN your ability to learn. He called them the kiss of total silence because they made it nearly impossible to speak. It's the reason learning a language feels so difficult, when it should feel totally natural.

It makes sense when you think about it. Have you ever seen a toddler memorizing vocabulary lists? Or picking out parts of speech in a sentence diagram? Of course not. Children learn language the way we were meant to ‐ by listening. That's because we are hardwired to remember sounds and store them in our memory automatically.

It's the same way you pick up a song on the radio. You don't have to study the lyrics or understand musical notes and chords to remember a song. Chances are, if you hear a song once you can sing along the next time you hear it.

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I have tried other courses and they taught me vocabulary words but not conversational Hebrew where you have to learn to listen and to speak as well. This course is great and worth the money if you want to be able to interact with other people in Hebrew.
Brian from New Jersey