Free Ukrainian Language Offer

For a limited time, we are offering our complete course for free to support the worldwide humanitarian crisis.

Sign up by 12/31/2022 to enjoy access to all Ukrainian Premium lessons at no cost through 12/31/2023. You must create a Pimsleur account to log into the app or website.

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Enjoy these features:

  • Immediate access to all lessons and available features
  • Pimsleur reading lessons
  • Learn on any device– desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Share with 3 household members and unlimited devices
  • Driving Mode for car use
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo devices
  • Flash Cards for vocabulary review
  • Speed Round game to test your skills
  • Earn-as-you learn Skills you can practice after each lesson
  • Quick Match quiz to visualize your new language
  • Speak Easy role-play tool with conversation transcripts
  • Lightbulb Moments to connect culture to your studies
Terms and Conditions for FREE Pimsleur Premium Ukrainian
Free Ukranian offer available until 12/31/2022 for access to the course through 12/31/2023. In order to access this free product, you need to create a account and use the Pimsleur Language Learning App to access the course on mobile, web or as an Alexa Skill. In addition, high-speed broadband connection is required to initially download the app and course content. Internet access is not required to play your lessons once course content has been downloaded. Access to this free product will automatically expire on the last day of December, 2023.
I am really starting to develop conversational fluency. It's so exciting!
Wenzday from Massachusetts