Pimsleur Notice of Financial Incentive

Notice of Financial Incentive.

Under California regulations, certain programs we offer that provide benefits to consumers may be considered financial incentive programs. We may collect personal information from you in connection with these programs, such as contact information (e.g., name, email address) and certain commercial information for a number of reasons, including to administer the program, to provide the benefits to you, to better serve you and to fulfill your requests associated with the program.

When you sign-up for an email list or other discounts and special offers, you may be opting-in to a financial incentive. If applicable, please see the terms of the program you are joining for additional information. Participation in our programs is voluntary and you may withdraw from a financial incentive at any time by opting out from our emails. To the extent that we provide a program that may be considered a financial incentive because the program is directly or reasonably related to the collection, deletion or sale or retention of consumer personal information, the value of the personal information is related to the estimated cost of providing the relevant financial incentive(s) for which the information was collected

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