About the Urdu Language
Urdu is the official language of North India, Pakistan, and Fiji.  It belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family of languages.  Approximately two hundred (200) million people around the world speak Urdu as a first or second language.

Linguistically Urdu and Hindi are virtually identical languages and are mutually intelligible, however, they differ in that Urdu has been influenced (and still is) by Arabic and Persian, whereas Hindi draws upon Sanskrit.  
Pimsleur’s Urdu teaches “Hindustani,” which was promoted by Mahatma Gandhi to unite Hindi and Urdu.  Although, Standard Urdu may be spoken in Pakistan, most Pakistanis and Indian Muslims speak Hindustani and our course only focuses on the Urdu register/dialect of Hindustani.

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Urdu-Speaking Countries