About the Croatian Language

Croatian, a member of the South Slavic branch of Indo-European, is the official language of Croatia.  There are approximately 4.5 million speakers in Croatia and an additional one million speakers in other parts of Europe (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, and Serbia), the US, and Canada.  There are three main dialects: 
*  kajkavski,
*  čakavski,
*  štokavski (ijekavski), the official dialect, which is taught
    in this course.

The dialects are mutually intelligible, up to a certain point.  As the official dialect becomes more common through TV and its use in education, it is not unusual to hear Croatian speakers of different dialects switching back and forth.
Some linguists consider Serbian and Croatian as dialects of one language.  Serbian, however, is usually written using the Cyrillic alphabet, while Croatian uses a modified form of the Latin alphabet.  They are mutually intelligible, as is Bosnian, which is also written in the Latin alphabet.

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Croatian-Speaking Countries