Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5 MP3

Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5 MP3

Learn to Speak and Understand Mandarin Chinese with Pimsleur Language Programs

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  • Lessons: 30
  • ISBN: 9781442395718
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Learn a new language while commuting, while cleaning the house, or working out. Like millions before you, discover the power of the scientifically sequenced and portable Pimsleur Method.

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Includes 30 lessons plus Hanyu Pinyin reading instruction as MP3 download (15 hrs 45 minutes), plus Reading Booklet and User's Guide.

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn Mandarin

Did you know that Mandarin is the world’s most widely spoken language with over one billion native speakers? Once you get the basics down, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re able to begin speaking it. And even knowing a little bit of the language will make travel to China far easier, and much more fun. Whether your goal is to travel, communicate with friends or colleagues, reconnect with family, or just understand more of what’s going on around you, learning to speak Mandarin will expand your horizons and immeasurably enrich your life.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or take years to master. Thirty minutes a day is all it takes, and we get you speaking right from the first day. Pimsleur courses use a scientifically-proven method that puts you in control of your learning. If you’ve tried other language learning methods but found they simply didn’t stick, then you owe it to yourself to give Pimsleur a try.

Why Pimsleur?

- Quick + Easy – Only 30 minutes a day.

- Portable + Flexible – Core lessons can be done anytime, anywhere, and easily fit into your busy life.

- Proven Method – Works when other methods fail.

- Self-Paced – Go fast or go slow – it’s up to you.

- Based in Science – Developed using proven research on memory and learning.

- Cost-effective – Less expensive than classes or immersion, and features all native speakers.

- Genius – Triggers your brain’s natural aptitude to learn.

- Works for everyone – Recommended for ages 13 and above.

What’s Included in Pimsleur’s Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5?

- Thirty, 30-minute audio lessons, plus one hour and 15 minutes of Hanyu Pinyin Reading Lessons.

- In total, nearly 16 hrs of spoken Mandarin language learning, all featuring native speakers

What You’ll Learn

Pimsleur’s Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5, designed to be taken after Level 4, builds upon skills taught in Pimsleur’s Chinese (Mandarin) Levels 1-4. The thirty 30-minute lessons, plus the Hanyu Pinyin reading practice, will enable you to speak and understand Mandarin with near fluency and with a broad range of conversational skills. In Level 5 the pace and conversation moves quite rapidly, accelerating exposure to new vocabulary and structures, approaching native speed and comprehension. You’ll learn to speak more in-depth about your personal life and emotional state, and be able to create complex sentences using a mix of tenses and moods.

Some of the topics covered in Pimsleur’s Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5:

- Travel: exploring the vast and richly varied country of China, discussing the various ethnic groups and cultures found from region to region, buying tickets to tourist attractions, taking family vacations, speaking with a travel agent

- Food and drink: restaurants, street vendors, favorite dishes, delicious drinks, discussing differences between Chinese and American diets.

- History: learning about important people and places, uncovering famous popular locations, discovering China's ancient past

- The environment: weather, climate change, environmental protection, wetlands

- Communication: getting in touch, sending text messages

- Work: discussing meetings, modern jobs, attending conferences, giving speeches

- Family life and relationships: family traditions, children and grandchildren, extended family members, birthdays, retirement, pets, grandparents and family history

- Health and wellness: exercising, relaxing, visiting a Chinese medical doctor, taking Chinese medicine, paying attention to one's vitality

Reading Lessons are included at the end of Lesson 30. These lessons are designed to teach you to read Hanyu Pinyin (pinyin for short) the official phonetic system for transcribing pronunciations of Chinese characters into a Latin alphabet. Totaling one hour 15 minutes, the lessons will teach you to sound out written words with correct pronunciation and accent. A Reading Booklet to be used with the audio lessons is included in PDF format.

The Pimsleur Method

We make no secret of what makes this powerful method work so well. Paul Pimsleur spent his career researching and perfecting the precise elements anyone can use to learn a language quickly and easily. Here are a few of his “secrets”:

The Principal of Anticipation

In the nanosecond between a cue and your response, your brain has to work to come up with the right word. Having to do this boosts retention, and cements the word in your mind.

Core Vocabulary

Words, phrases, and sentences are selected for their usefulness in everyday conversation. We don’t overwhelm you with too much, but steadily increase your ability with every lesson.

Graduated Interval Recall

Reminders of new words and structures come up at the exact interval for maximum retention and storage into your long-term memory.

Organic Learning

You work on multiple aspects of the language simultaneously. We integrate grammar, vocabulary, rhythm, melody, and intonation into every lesson, which allows you to experience the language as a living, expressive form of human culture.

Constant Feedback Loop + Build-in Testing

Pimsleur’s unique system of cues and responses provides a constant feedback loop. You can test yourself as you go, and make incremental corrections in creating and refining cohesive, clear responses.

Gives You a Solid Foundation

Each lesson and Level builds on the ones before it and in turn sets the framework for the lessons and Levels that follow. Learn what you need to prosper and to build a foundation to future learning.

The Mandarin Language

Over one billion people speak Chinese. The two most common dialects are Mandarin and Cantonese. They are not mutually intelligible. Mandarin is the official language in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore. The Mandarin dialect is used in most Chinese schools, and in most TV programs, movies, and radio stations throughout the country, and even in Guangzhou (formerly Canton), where people speak Cantonese in their daily lives. Mandarin is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Tech Talk

- Lessons can be downloaded using the Pimsleur Course Manager App for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, and Mac or Windows computers, or

- Lessons can be downloaded as a zip file for use in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

- All purchased courses are backed up in your Pimsleur.com cloud-based digital library account.

- Lessons can be played on your iPod or any MP3 player.

- The Pimsleur Course Manager App can be installed on several devices for personal use only.

- Lessons are non-DRM (Digital Rights Management) MP3 files and can be copied onto a CD or DVD for playing in a CD/DVD player

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Most Liked Positive Review


If you liked Mandarin 1-4, you'll enjoy this.

A solid continuation of the Pimsleur Mandarin program, with all its benefits and drawbacks. As with previous levels, they mix some useful new vocabulary with an odd mix of obscure words and phrases...Read complete review

A solid continuation of the Pimsleur Mandarin program, with all its benefits and drawbacks. As with previous levels, they mix some useful new vocabulary with an odd mix of obscure words and phrases (e.g., "Our bamboo floors do not contain formaldehyde.") A focus on essential vocabulary would have been preferable. This series also further highlights the limitations of the Pimsleur all-audio approach to learning Mandarin. Learning the characters together with the words is not just a matter of gaining literacy in the language, it also provides essential information about the relationships between the words you learn throughout your studies. This is especially important because of the limited number of sounds in the Mandarin language, which can lead to inevitable confusion in the learner's mind. While I understand Dr. Pimsleur's original rationale for focusing solely on the oral language (namely, in learning the written word too soon, the learner will risk importing his native language's pronunciation and accent into the new language), those concerns are not present in a character-based language such as Mandarin. It would therefore be highly beneficial to provide the learner with at least a Mandarin-character transcript of the words and dialogues studied in the program. Overall, though, it's a fun and reasonably good course, useful for picking up some new vocabulary and grammar structures, and of course for improving your accent.


Most Liked Negative Review


Beginning to lose its relevance

As I would stress for all Pimsleur courses, this suits my learning needs very well in format and learning method but the content (my comments are applicable to level 4 as well), is...Read complete review

As I would stress for all Pimsleur courses, this suits my learning needs very well in format and learning method but the content (my comments are applicable to level 4 as well), is often not relevant for me (business, importation, exportation, buying zips, researching wetlands...) and the vocabulary does not stick. The grammar development is much less present than in other levels. I would have thought other topics would be more useful and further grammar would be useful. Also, unfortunately, as I write this, there is no further level available. I think it would be a good idea to produce smaller modules that indicate their content (sport, music, medicine, business, IT, etc.) so that the vocabulary remains useful to individuals and allows people having completed the five levels to branch out into topics they need / want to cover.

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Anyone wanting to learn a language needs Pimsleur

By John

from undisclosed

Verified Buyer

Comments about Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5 MP3:

Simply the best

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Can't wait to master new Pimsleur material: Level 5

By Douglas

from undisclosed

Verified Buyer

Comments about Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5 MP3:

I started at Level 1 and now I am beginning Level 5. The Pimsleur method works for me. I am able to practice each day on my Android phone while walking to work or while at home. Learning a second language is a great way for me to feel connected to people all over the globe.

(0 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Pinsleur app is slow

By Kyle

from Australia

About Me Business person

Verified Buyer

Comments about Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5 MP3:

I love the product but the app is frustrating ly slow. I have commented on Facebook about it but no one is listening


The best product in the market.

By Ali

from Islamabad, Pakistan

About Me Government employee, Traveler

Verified Buyer


  • Easy to use
  • Fun
  • It Works
  • Perfects Accent
  • Portable


  • Expensive
  • No writing component

Best Uses

  • Business/Work
  • Self-improvement
  • Travel

Comments about Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5 MP3:

It is a wonderful program. Pimsleur must add further levels to it. I wish Pimsleur also add the transcripted Chinese phrases in its accompanying booklet so that one may look at the parts of those sentences whose pronunciation is somehow not confusing in the audio.

Service and delivery comments:

Immediate digital mp3 download.



By Keith

from Washington, DC

About Me Business person, Traveler

Verified Buyer


  • Easy to use
  • Fun
  • Perfects Accent
  • Portable


  • Expensive

Best Uses

  • Business/Work
  • Just for fun
  • Self-improvement
  • Travel

Comments about Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) Level 5 CD:

I recently purchased Pimsleur is Mandarin V CD tapes. I have been studying Chinese for the past four years and have found Pimsleur to be an excellent learning experience. I completed lessons one through three and it took some time before lesson for was completed andvavailable. Mandarin V was considerably more expensive than the previous four programs

Service and delivery comments:

The product was delivered in tact on the day it was promised

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I have tried many programs including Rosetta Stone and this [Pimsleur] is the first time I am learning how to converse with correct grammatical form and great confidence.
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